Main services

  • Accounting
  • Office services
  • Business services
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  • Business accounting
  • Payroll
  • Consulting
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Office services

  • Secretary services
  • Phone and fax services
  • Postal and e-mail address services
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Business services

  • Establishment of new companies
  • Tax consulting
  • Bankruptcy and liquidation
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Our company is providing accounting and financial services since 1996. Our more than 150 customers are all very different and vary from small to medium businesses. We have customers from Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, France, Canada, England and Ireland.

Our goal is to provide the best service for each customer and therefore we are using different softwares like HansaWord, Merit Aktiva, EEVA, V.E.R.P, Margn. Our customers’ data is kept in two copies in Estonian most safe and best protected server. People in our team own relevant education and long experience. As our aim is to offer the best and most relevant service for the customers, we offer additional training for our employees.

With each customer we sign a written contract with all services needed, which also determines the price.

We offer business owners the opportunity to lower the risks associated with this job and to the development and management of the company.

We are convinced that purchasing accounting services has many advantages than hiring an accountant, especially in small and medium companies. If you only have a few accounting transactions you can expect even multiple savings. Important arguments are:

  • Your accounting is done by professional and experienced accountant.
  • You do not have to purchase expensive accounting software and invest in teaching accountant.
  • Job will be done regardless holidays and sick leaves.
  • You save money on human resource management.
  • All office expenses are included in the agreed price.

Every problem has a solution and it can be unbelievably easy! Leave all the bureaucratic administration for us!

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